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ON FEMINISM….. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Love this. It demonstrates the global reality. Grab a drink because it’s long but worth listening to! What are your thoughts about the current understanding of “feminism”? Would you call yourself a Feminist? Do you believe it needs more dialogue? Why do you think there is still gender inequality? I’m unapologetically feminist and feminine. When I stopped apologising for those things, I was more successful professionally and financially. Because I was authentic. Above anything…I believe in real equality, of men and women. I believe in respect for humanity. I believe in diversity and individualism. I believe in freedom to encourage and develop these things. I love differences. Tell me what you think? Would love some open dialogue...

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10 Reasons Why…blah blah

(AROUND HERE I NEED TO INSERT A RANDOM GRAPHIC SO YOU DON’T GET TOO BORED…..don’t know how yet♥️) Like really? How can anyone write authentically if you have to marshall your thoughts into quantities of x this or x that? It’s actually so awful that I can’t even do it to take the piss! I’m all for free thinking & expression and that means verbiage? Lists are great if you need to shop. Or you’reliving with an Aspie. (AROUND HERE I NEED TO INSERT A RANDOM GRAPHIC SO YOU DON’T GET TOO BORED…..don’t know how yet♥️) I started my career in sales..and that’s what you do. Heard of WIIFM? Every single one of the bullshit “x” blogs; “The x Best…”, or “The x Trending..”, or “The x Change Your Life”…or maybe they don’t do “x”, they ‘guide’ the more intelligent instead; “How to Build Confidence Even If You Have a Mum Tum” “How to Really Find the Best Anti-Ageing Eye Cream” (AROUND HERE I NEED TO INSERT A RANDOM GRAPHIC SO YOU DON’T GET TOO BORED…..don’t know how yet♥️) I’ve put off writing a blog because every single fucking one of these has a link to earn $$. And you know what? I’m like you..I won’t use their link. These are big businesses, driving trends for the “x Best Fucking Life Changing Miracle ” So I’m telling you now…I...

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5 Blog Post Conventions I May, Or May Not Follow

1. Always Start With ” x” Number of Something in the Title to Get Attention Well, happy to do that in the title to take the piss, but I really think you’re smarter than to be manipulated like that. Plus why does everything have to be quantified? 2. Break Up Paragraphs With Graphics Ok concede to this one, mostly because I tend to prattle on. Who doesn’t love a possibly random image anyway? 3. Write With Your Own Personality Yaaaas! No more having to follow Miss Richardson’s English Writing Rules. I promise to start sentences with. But. And. And. Except, I do swear directly proportionate to whatever emotion I’m feeling. Or how much Vodka has been consumed. Perhaps don’t follow me if you don’t like these things. 4. Be Authentic With Links & Transparent About Sponsored Posts This is a no brainer. I would rather clean extractor fans than get to the financial low of peddling crap. Besides, I was sacked from an early career sales job. I couldn’t bring myself to sell a lovely old couple something I didn’t believe in. True. Plus I wouldn’t sleep with the boss. True. I will always make it clear if there’s some form of sponsorship. 5. Can’t Remember Any More I‘m 51 in 3 days….it happens. Oh yeees! That’s right! Have An Awesome Website…..something like that anyway. Still winging through this...

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